RESTORE YOUR physical, mental & emotional wellness, 
to ensure your happiest self is here for good.

Feeling exhausted, stressed, or simply in need of an emotional, mental and physical boost?

Sarah Ann's mini course explores the four pillars of wellbeing: self-awareness, nutrition, emotional resilience, and movement. But this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you'll be given a plan tailored to you and your unique needs, guiding you on a journey to feeling revitalised, restored and totally reset - in just 30 days.

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90% of people who have completed the course have rated all weeks as ‘excellent’

What CUSTOMERS say about the course

Sarah is a brilliant mind that will help you to reach your goal in an easy way.

I had just finished 10 days of antibiotics and still felt quite fatigued…not exactly thriving! After Sarah's course, I firmly feel mentally and physically better.

A brilliant building block for compassion, learning and wisdom!

What exactly does the course involve?

Sarah Ann believes that everyone's wellbeing journey is personal and unique.

This introductory course begins with a short questionnaire about your personal struggles and goals, so your reset journey can be tailored in a way that suits you.

Then, throughout the 30-day course duration, you'll receive:


3 x emails per week with helpful mental and physical health insights, tips for forming good habits, and motivating affirmations


Easy-to-follow video content direct from Sarah Ann


A daily nutrition planner to help record and improve your habits


Do-it-at-home workbooks to map out self-care goals, empowerment and good mental health practises


Mindfulness exercises for soothing and resetting during busy days or stressful moments


Additional resources such as podcasts and articles for further insights and encouragement.


So, join our mini course for just £14.99 and begin your journey on the road to your happiest ‘you’.

Your happiest self: here for good

This course isn't about applying a quick-fix to a problem, to fall away once the 30 days are over. Rather, by becoming familiar with Sarah Ann's methods, you'll build the foundational blocks for a healthy body, mind and soul, before continuing to nurture your new healthy habits for long-term wellbeing.

What others say about the course 

What made you sign up for Reset Your Health in 30 Days?

My decision to improve my health and seek reliable resources to increase my well-being.

How did you feel before starting the course?

Tired and with pain in the body. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

How did you feel after the course?

Very good! Feeling a sense of restored wellbeing.

“I’m always in support of all the positive messages from Sarah and her wonderful Be Well Collective.”


Healthy Habits

Say it with us: "I am capable of forming healthy habits that will benefit me in the long run."

That's exactly what we'll concentrate on in this mini course. They say it takes three weeks to form a habit - so 30 days is the perfect jumpstart to discovering the healthiest version of yourself. Whether you're looking to up your exercise game, build better mental health practises, manage stress, or simply reset physically and emotionally, this course will guide and support you on your journey to building - and keeping - better habits.


Sarah Ann Macklin is an award-winning, AfN-accredited nutritionist, whose own story in nutritional health began eight years ago.

With daily nutrition journals, ‘swap’ challenges, regular self-reflection prompts and insights from Sarah Ann herself, this course makes the perfect guide on your path to a healthier and happier relationship with food.


Emotional Resilience

Understanding emotions is a muscle that everyone can strengthen, but often we lack the tools to do so. This course provides those tools, as well as helping you understand your weaknesses and celebrate your strengths when it comes to building healthy emotional and mental habits.



Movement - be it a stroll outdoors,  breath work practise, or more intense exercise - is intrinsic to physical and mental health. This course's guide to movement will help improve self-awareness, connecting mind and body, and staying present when struggling with stress, fatigue or overwhelm.


Let's get reset!